The UnaTandemâ„¢ is the best handling, most family friendly tandem ever built.
The UnaTandem is a new US and Int'l patent pending tandem design, where the short rider sits up front and both can see forward while the rear rider steers.  It is 30% shorter than standard tandems and can turn 360 degrees  within a car parking space!  The front frame section has been shortened to allow the handlebars to be a comfortable distance for the rear rider, and rotate around the front rider.  The smaller front wheel provides room for pedal clearance. Surprisingly, smaller wheels are stronger than larger wheels. The UnaTandem uses the same high pressure tires found on many record setting HPVs Human Powered Vehicles .

who'll like the unatandem?

1.  People who want the best handling tandem.

2.  Kids who feel isolated on tag-along bikes

3.  People who find, staying close on two separate bikes is hard to do.

4.  Age 2 to 102